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Our Founder

I grew up around the entire baking process.  Both my grandmother, Sallie and mother Darlene instilled in me at a very young age the science behind baking the perfect cake.  As a result, my older brother, Ric and I would often bake in between our brotherly scuffles.  At the age of 10, he baked, iced & decorated my 5th birthday cake!  So, I've learned from the absolute best and have put all those lessons into my cakes, one batch at a time.      

I established Cakes By Coco on the campus of Lincoln University in Jefferson City, MO in 1991.  After graduation, I moved to Atlanta in 1996 and the rest is history.  Blessed by three years in Decatur, seven years in Stone Mountain and now seven years in Tucker, I'm proud to call Georgia home.

We are wildly known for our Buttery Caramel, which has been dubbed as "crack cake" by some of our most loyal customers.  But, there are absolutely no bad choices here!  We have a "Dream Team" of cakes for you to choose from and I personally recommend them all!    

This is what I do, have done it for 30 years and I do it extremely well.  I believe you will tastefully agree.      

Come get you some!

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